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Proactive Parents Can Combat Term 1 Blues

Proactive Parents


Posted: April 17, 2015
Author: MASTER Institute

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Proactive parents who are concerned about their child’s school success are to be encouraged to take action and seek support.

The beginning of Term 2 brings a fresh start for children and proactive parents who received unfavourable feedback at their most recent parent-teacher interviews.

A national study of Australian children found that 22% of children entering school experienced difficulty in one or more areas of development (Australian Early Development Index National Report, 2012).

With a reduced ability to cope with learning and social-emotional demands, school can be a very different experience for these children and their parents.

“As a child’s first teacher, parents play an important role in guiding their child’s social-emotional wellbeing and school success”

Dr. Deberea Sherlock, Educational and Developmental Psychologist and co-founder of the MASTER Institute says, “The typical challenges of childhood are to be found in every home and classroom.

“As a child’s first teacher, parents play an important role in guiding their child’s social-emotional wellbeing and school success”.

Dr. Sherlock is the co-author of MASTER’s empowering series of skill building workshops that take the guesswork out of parenting in teaching the skills that matter in early childhood.

Dr. Sherlock says, “This is a practical, hands-on approach for proactive parents who want to help their child manage the demands of school life.

“We offer four workshops held regularly that address the typical challenges of childhood – Impulse and Attention Control, Management of Anger, Coping with Worry, and Friendship”.

The workshops offer evidence-based training for parents of children aged 5 to 11 years in teaching the skills for life and learning.

Learn more about the workshops.


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About the MASTER Institute

MASTER provides services, resources and guidance for parents, teachers and allied health professionals in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of young children. Dr Deberea Sherlock and Aisling Mulvihill founded the MASTER Institute in 2012. From the combined professions of educational and developmental psychology and speech-language pathology, they bring to MASTER over 20 years of collective specialised experience in the area of children’s social and emotional development, and a deep understanding of children and the challenges they face. Their work is strongly guided by a desire to engage children through creative learning and the wider value of working collaboratively with families and schools.

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