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Who We Are

Dr Deberea Sherlock and Ms Aisling Mulvihill are the founders of MASTER Institute.

They share a love of working with children, a commitment to thoughtful and reflective practice and specialised experience in the area of children’s social and emotional development. From the combined professions of educational and developmental psychology and speech-language pathology, they bring to the MASTER Institute a synergy of clinical insight and understanding. The remarkable good fortune of shared minds has culminated in the creation of The Ant Patrol® resources, the ongoing development of MASTER Programs, and dedicated clinical research in this field.

MASTER Institute

Deberea Sherlock

Deberea is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist specialising in children’s learning and development. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of New England (UNE) as an external student while her children were growing up. She graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology Honours Class 1 and University Medal. Post-graduate study in educational and developmental psychology was a natural extension of her academic interest in psycholinguistics and clinical interest in children’s social and emotional development. She completed her doctoral training at The University of Queensland.

Deberea has 15 years of clinical experience working extensively with children and their families in a variety of settings. Children’s learning, and social and emotional strengths and challenges remained the focus of her clinical work. She has held a special interest in attention control, emotional regulation, and childhood anxiety.

For many children delays in these areas may present as only part of the developmental picture. Social and emotional development is complex. The knowledge that isolated interventions can miss something fundamental about the complexity of development spurred the need to look beyond the confines of a singular professional approach.

Finally in 2012, the opportunity to combine professional insights and knowledge with Aisling led to the development of the MASTER Institute.

MASTER Institute

Aisling Mulvihill

Aisling is a Speech-Language Pathologist specialising in language and social communication. She completed her undergraduate studies at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. She has worked in paediatric speech-language pathology in both Ireland and Australia.

Aisling’s interest in the area of social and emotional development began during her university studies. Her final year research considered social communication in young adults with Asperger Syndrome. This research ignited a passion for work in the field of social communication. Her clinical insights and continued studies informed the need to improve understanding of the complex nature of social and emotional development. She sought a shift away from isolated interventions seeking collaboration with other professional disciplines.

The opportunity to combine professional insights and knowledge with Deberea led to the development of the MASTER Institute.

Business Supports

Ms Sally Bowler, Communications and Marketing Manager

Sally is a goal setting, driving force behind the MASTER Institute. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Communication from The University of Queensland, Sally joined the MASTER Institute at the start of 2014. In her role of Communications and Marketing Manager, Sally has been instrumental in communicating the vision of the MASTER Institute. Her work involves management of MASTER Institute’s website and social media, collaboration with key stakeholders, and management of national distribution of The Ant Patrol® Resources. Sally brings to the MASTER Institute a powerhouse of creative energy and drive.

Creative Supports

Marc Lynch, Digart Graphics (Art Designer and Illustrator)

Marc is the illustrator of The Ant Patrol® resources. He is the owner of the Sydney based studio – Digart Graphics. Marc’s creative eye for detail and artistic sensibility has captured a wonderful sense of vitality and fun in all resources.

Cleon Prineas (Scriptwriter and Story Consultant)

Cleon Prineas, a Sydney based writer currently working in children’s television, assisted Deberea and Aisling in creating the narrative of The Ant Patrol® Children’s Stories. His inspired word imagery and playful dialogue helped endear the ant characters to child and adult readers alike.

Joshua Tyler & Natalie Palomo, Collide (Audio and Electronic Production)

Collide, Audio and Electronic Production, produced the audio-visual books of The Ant Patrol® Children’s Stories. Collide have created an enthralling and dramatic production of The Ant Patrol® Children’s Stories that is thoroughly entertaining.

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