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Master the skills for life and learning in the childhood years for prospects of a brighter future.

Who is this for?

MASTER AudienceMASTER Institute provides services, resources and guidance for parents, teachers and allied health professionals in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of young children. Together with a shared language of support we can positively guide children with a new and resilient way of thinking.

MASTER is Committed to:

  • Helping children cope with the typical challenges of childhood
  • Providing parents and teachers with accessible ‘how to’ knowledge in supporting children’s social and emotional learning
  • Creating engaging resources for children that both educate and delight
  • Research and evidence-based practice that translates the science of social and emotional learning into practical tools for homes and schools

Our Goals


Accessible knowledge, engaging resources and relevant research to benefit the social and emotional wellbeing of children.


The ‘how to’ in teaching the skills that matter in early childhood.


By enabling partnerships between homes and schools through the connection of a ‘shared language of support’ in skill building.

Our Initiatives

Homes, Schools & Professionals

The Ant Patrol is a collection of creative resources that engage young children in social and emotional learning.


MASTER Skill Building Workshops are a series of workshops that provide guidance and coaching for parents in supporting their management of typical childhood challenges.


Many Minds

Parents & Professionals

Many Minds is a collaborative blog to inform and inspire. It aims to raise awareness and promote conversation about the importance of social and emotional learning in the early stages of life.

Allied Health Professionals

The MASTER Intervention Program is a comprehensive intervention program for school-aged children who have identified social and emotional needs.

Primary Schools

The MASTER School Program is a preventative whole-class program to support skill development in self-regulation in the early years of primary school.



Allied Health Professionals

Our Research examines the neurobiological basis of social and emotional learning, and the effectiveness and efficacy of our MASTER Programs.

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