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Social-Emotional Learning

Why Support Social-Emotional Learning?Social-emotional learning

Social and emotional wellbeing is widely acknowledged as a predictor of academic and life success. Children who are socially and emotionally competent manage impulses, attention, emotions and behavior in ways that are socially acceptable. These competencies are some of the greatest achievements of the childhood years.

The Current Picture

In 2012 a nationwide study of Australian children found that 22% of children entering school have difficulties in one or more areas of their development (Australian Early Development Index, 2012). Whilst the majority of children have the foundational capabilities for school readiness, a large percentage of children do not have the skills to cope with the learning and social demands of the school day. With a reduced ability to cope, school can be a very difficult experience for these children and their parents.

What Works?

The findings from a growing body of research indicate that positive social, emotional and learning behaviours can be taught with positive effects documented across a diverse range of social backgrounds and age groups.

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