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Ant Patrol

The Ant Patrol® is the creative initiative of MASTER that engages children in social and emotional learning.

It is a collection of resources for homes and schools that teach children how to manage a range of everyday childhood challenges; whether to be less ‘bouncy’, more attentive, a caring and considerate friend, braver or calmer.

The Ant Patrol® helps children build life skills needed to:

  • Control energy and attention
  • Develop meaningful friendships
  • Cope with worry
  • Manage frustration and anger

Intended for children aged 5 to 11 years, the resources may be used to promote desired learning and social behaviours or complement supports for children with identified learning and social needs.

The Ant Patrol® Resources:

The Ant Patrol®

Children’s Stories

The Ant Patrol®

Posters & Skill Cards

The Ant Patrol®

Audio Stories

Meet the Ant Patrol

ant patrolAttention all big people who care for little people!

I am Sergeant Ant – Leader of the Ant Patrol! I lead my troops on many adventures. I’ll have you know it’s not all rainbows and breadcrumbs for us out there. Ant World can be a bewildering, worrisome, and frustrating place. Just like children, my troops can face a whole anthill of challenges that prevent them from being the best they can be!

The Ant Patrol can help children become skilled learners, master resilient thinking, and develop skills to succeed socially. I know we’re small, but don’t underestimate us.

The Ant Patrol is aiming high – on a mission to teach children of the world skills for life and learning. Get to know us on a personal level…

Eight Small Ants On One Big Mission

AlfieAlfie the Hyperactive Ant

Hi I’m Alfie! I’m a little ant with wired antennae!

I’m a fun guy with boundless energy. I’m always on the go. I might interrupt others’ conversations and games, and find it hard to wait my turn. I don’t always think about the consequences of my actions, I just act! This gets me into a spot of trouble.

IrisIris the Inattentive Ant

Hi I’m Iris! I’m a little ant with floppy antennae!

I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a daydreamer. I can’t keep my mind on the job! I get distracted and tire easily when doing hard or uninteresting work. Others might get cross with me and think I lack motivation. It’s not that I’m lazy; it’s just that I don’t know how to pay attention and stay focused. This is really hard for me.

HugoHugo the Socially Unaware Ant

Hi I’m Hugo! I’m a little ant who gets his antennae in a twist!

I am a great guy with good intentions, but sometimes I just get it ‘wrong’. I misread important social information and have trouble ‘tuning into others’. I don’t mean to annoy others but sometimes I hurt their feelings or just cause confusion.

Me-MeMe-Me the Self-focused Ant

Hi I’m Me-Me! I’m a little ant whose antennae are focused on me!

I often focus on my own interests and find it hard to understand another’s point of view. I like things to go my way! I try to control the games I play with others, am focused on winning and have difficulty taking turns. When this happens, others may feel left out and annoyed. It can be hard for me to make friends.

Felix Felix the Fire Ant

Hi I’m Felix! I’m a little ant whose antennae fire up!

I guess you could say that I am ‘quick to anger’. I don’t want to lose my temper; it’s just that I have trouble controlling myself when I get mad. When I am teased, when I lose a game, or when I am asked to stop doing something I like doing, I fire up! When this happens I might hurt others with my words or actions. I don’t stop to think about the consequences, I just act! Because of my quick explosive reactions, others might avoid me or ‘push my buttons’.

WilburWilbur the Worry Ant

Hi I’m Wilbur! I’m a little ant with quivering antennae!

I worry. I really worry. In fact, I worry way too much. I feel nervous, think worrying thoughts and expect the worst to happen. I often stay away from the things I fear. This stops me from ‘having a go’ and having fun.

HoppyHoppy the Helpful Ant

Hi, I’m Hoppy the Helpful Ant!

I have a very important job. I support the Ant Patrol in understanding the challenges they face. I introduce the skills for life and learning to guide the Ant Patrol in a new way of thinking. My helpful nature makes the learning of new skills a positive experience for all.

Sergeant Ant

Hi I’m Sergeant Ant! I am leader of the Ant Patrol.

I’m a no-nonsense guy who is firm but fair. I lead my Ant Patrol through many adventures. Along the way we encounter challenges, setbacks and difficulties. We get through these tough times with good outcomes creating valuable learning opportunities for all.

What Keeps The Ant Patrol® Marching Onwards …

“Your stories have changed my mornings from tears and tantrums to calm and getting to school on time”

– Tina Devine Parent

“I have students in my class asking that I read them an ant story every day”

– Julia Bartsh Teacher

“I wish these stories were around when my kids were growing up”

– David Bowler Parent

“Every child could benefit from Hoppy the Helpful Ant’s wisdom!”

– Daniele Doyle Parent

“My five year old granddaughter loves the ants!”

– Linda Kennedy Grandmother

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