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UQ Learning to Focus Project for Junior High School Students

Learning to Focus


Posted: April 28, 2017
Author: MASTER Institute

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The MASTER Institute is collaborating with researchers from the Science of Learning Research Centre (SLRC) at The University of Queensland. The MASTER Institute has created two metacognitive training programs for teens that are delivered within the SLRC’s Learning to Focus project.

In High School, students are expected to engage in a number of different learning tasks and be independent in their learning. Researchers are interested in how a student’s cognitive (thinking) abilities can help students achieve this goal. In this study, researchers measure behaviours and approaches to learning in students aged 12-14 years, and investigate how different types of metacognitive training may improve learning performance. Researchers also investigate how cognitive training may influence measures of brain activity.

The goal of this research is to discover more about how we learn, and importantly how we can improve learning. We hope that this knowledge may one day help us to better understand learning challenges and lead to better learning supports in the future.

Students involved in this research will be given an opportunity to take part in one of the metacognitive programs free of charge. Each program consists of eight 1.5hr sessions. Weekly sessions take place after school at The University of Queensland. Enrollment in this project will continue in 2017 until places have been filled.

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