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Name of the Game – Ant Patrol® Audio Story

Ants tangles in skipping rope

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Posted: September 21, 2018
Author: MASTER Institute

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Name of the Game – Ant Patrol® Audio Story

Name of the Game introduces the fundamental skills of social thinking.

Ant World at play time is a swarm of activity as the troops play ‘Pin the Sting on the Honeybee’, ‘Hoprock’ and ‘Jump Web’. Me-Me, stuck on what she wants to play, fails to consider what the other ants are interested in playing. Expecting her playmates to see things her way, Me-Me struggles to ‘join in’ with others.

But all is not lost, with Hoppy’s help Me-Me learns the skills of social awareness, social perspective taking, and socially motivated thinking.

Enjoy this Ant Patrol®  audio story on the way to school, before bedtime, or before entering social situations.

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