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Attention Control Poster Set

The Ant Patrol Impulse & Attention Control Posters
Tune In To BounceTune In To FocusTune In To NoticeTune In To WaitingTune In To Your ThinkingTune In To Your Self-Talk

The Attention Control Posters visually reinforce the learning of key skills in impulse and attention control. Teaching these skills provides children with the kinds of learning experiences that form favourable learning habits and considerate social relations. This six-poster pack includes:

1. Tune in to Your Self-Talk

2. Tune in to Notice

3. Tune in to Bounce

4. Waiting

5. Tune in to Focus

6. Tune in to Your Thinking

Product Info:297 x 420mm
Digitally Printed 250g Gloss Art
Core Values:Impulse Control, Attention Control, Self-regulation

$27.27 inc GST

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